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“A flight, just for you”

Who knew that flying

from the Japan Alps felt so good

From the summit of Japan Alps

"Paragliding experience" generally takes off from the foot of a mountain and land within few minutes.
This is because flying safely from the summit requires a very specific weather and wind.
However, flying from the summit of the mountain is incomparable to flying from the foot of the mountain. It is a feeling you can only share with those who’ve experienced it.

Flying from the Japan Alps, the highest mountain in Japan(3,000m), will not only overlook the beautiful mountain range… If you're lucky enough, you might be able to fly over the sea of clouds. It is not only a flight, but an experience where you can feel the majestic nature from up above.

A private flight just for you

The Thunderbird Alpine Flight, escorted by Yoshiki Kuremoto (*1), does not have a schedule in advance.

Since we are taking off from the Japanese Alps, a mountain range with the highest altitude difference in Japan, there are only few days in a year we can actually fly.
Kuremoto, who is a internationally experienced paraglider, will be setting up for the best conditions by reading the weather and wind.
We will notify you a few days before your flight.
If schedules match, reservation will be made.
This is a very special flight you can only experience when your schedule, wind, weather… all align.

(*1) Started paragliding at the age of 15. After few years of being an instructor, he starts to fly internationally for competitions. Currently, runs an outdoor facility / school where you can experience paragliding.
1st place Paraglider Asia Ranking for 6 consecutive years(2010-2015) / 1st place Japan National Athlete Ranking(2015) / 1st place Japan League (2015) / First Japanese to win a gold medal at the Asian Games (2018) / Holds the Japan record for long-distance flight (375km)

Personalized support from experts

Guides and pilots will support you to the summit of the Japan Alps.
After a ropeway ride and easy hike, it’s time for the flight.
You will be on a tandem flight- which is a two seater paraglider.
Kuremoto will take control of the flight so all you have to do is enjoy the beautiful scenery from up above.

This flight is only made possible with Kuremoto who has 30 years experience in paragliding and experts from various fields supporting you from preparation to landing.

Kuremoto’s experience is what can make this wonderful flight achieved.

Steps and procedures

  1. 1
    Please let us know your contact information in advance from our website. (Temporary reservation)
  2. 2
    Once we have confirmed your flight date, we will contact you two or three days in advance.
  3. 3
    Your reservation will only be confirmed if you can make adjustments to the flight schedule.

    (If the adjustment is not possible, we will contact the next person in line. We will let you know again when the next flight is available.)

  4. 4
    We will see you on the specified date and time.

How the day will look


Please come to the Komagane City lounge on the day of your reservation.
While enjoying a cup of coffee, a short lecture about the Thunderbird Alpine Flight Tour will be made. We will be making other preparations such as shoes fitting.
(You can take the trekking shoes home.)


On the first day, you will take a gondola to an altitude of 2,610m and stay at a hotel on the summit of the mountain. You will then prepare for next day's flight.

We can take you on a 2-3 hour trekking trip upon request.


After having breakfast at the hotel, it's time to depart.
We will be walking from the hotel to the flight point (altitude 2,900m).
It is approximately an 1.5hours walk. The trail itself is easy, even children can walk it, so please do not worry.


When we get to the summit, we will be serving you drinks while Kuremoto prepares the paraglider. After few lectures and wearing your harness, it’s time to glide into the sky.
Enjoy the vast scenery of the Japan Alps.

Costs and more

Price ¥660,000 per person
Paraglider tandem flight (for one person), gondola ride to the summit, transportation to the gondola, accommodation for the first night (dinner and breakfast included).
Cancellation fee Cancellation after schedule confirmation, due to personal reasons will be 100% of the price.
How to pay Payment should be made after the schedule confirmation, before the flight.
Advance payment: Bank Transfer Payment at door: Credit, cash, various cashless payment
Other info
  • This is a over night activity. First day for preparation and second day flying. Accommodation is included in the price. If you want a longer stay, please contact us.
  • Flight available for 2 person per day If there are two people, Kuremoto and another pilot will accompany.
Lounge location

759-700 Ako, Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture

What to bring All gear will be ready for the flight.
Come in comfortable clothing.(We advise you to wear long sleeves / pants even during summer. No skirts or sandals.)
This is an outdoor activity, please keep in mind that your clothes might get dirty.
Bring necessities for an overnight stay.
Jackets and shoes will be provided.

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